Every high performance athlete has a coach and in the business world every entrepreneurial individual should have a similar mentor to help them reach the heights they’re capable of reaching. Dr Grosse provides an opportunity to work personally with himself, a specialist who has helped thousands of peak performers discover new levels of productivity and personal satisfaction. Because it is Dr Grosse who does the work, numbers are limited.

Dr Grosse is a business psychotherapist, corporate consultant, systems designer, personal coach, mentor and trainer. He shares his considerable insight and practical experience with luminaries of the real estate, legal, accounting, automotive and other key industries, as well as private individuals who pursue excellence as a matter of course.

He has the critical edge which gives his clients the ability to work smarter, to maximize income while minimizing the time it takes to do this, and to take steps towards identifying and fulfilling their unique life purpose. Dr Grosse has personally created a number of coaching options to suit clients’ particular needs.

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