For more than three decades Dr Grosse has focused his expertise as a business psychotherapist and trainer on guiding corporate clients within a vast spectrum of areas including strategic planning, team and executive development, reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, partnership relations and dissolutions.

Following intensive psychotherapy training Dr Grosse founded the Gestalt Growth Center in Phoenix, Arizona, later co-founding the Gestalt Institute of New Zealand. In 1977 he established the Institute for Management, Organization and Motivation, an international seminar and management consulting firm based in Christchurch, New Zealand and Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr Grosse is also a favored keynote speaker and presenter who has featured at major events sponsored by the likes of RE/MAX, AREC (Australasian Real Estate Conference), McGRATH Australia, the National Association of Realtors USA, AMP Australia, the National Automotive Dealers Association USA, The Financial Planning Association of Australia, Keller Williams USA and Toyota Australia for their super-achievers. He unfailingly motivates and galvanizes audiences with his direct, no-nonsense approach, investing each listener with the necessary tools to transform their business and personal lives, their incomes and their relationships with family and clients.

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