“Hi Dr Fred
I just wanted to exted a BIG thank you for the time spent with my team yesterday.
I spend a lot of money providing top trainers to my team and everyone there got more from a day with you than years with other trainers.
Those that were there were thoroughly enlightened and confronted with some realities that has catapaulted them into a different phase of reality.
They are pumped, re energised and focused, as am I after our one on one discussion and the seminar.
It was an eye opener for the team and as a bonus, having my wife in attendance, it has reinvigorated our marriage as she now understands where I am coming from.
A real pleasure having you take the time to talk to my team Dr Fred. Thank you once again.
Andrew Drane
Harcourts Hills Living
NSW, Australia”
“For those of you that didn’t get enough of Dr. Fred Grosse‘s keynote at the conference on Sunday, here is a podcast episode we launched today with him that was recorded two weeks ago. Enjoy!
Welcome to Real Estate Success Rocks Podcast where we help you answer the question: What does success mean to you? Our aim is to provide content, clarity…


“I was browsing around RESCU & found an article I think you ought to read:


Check it out and let me know what you think!

P.S. I’m a little obsessed with RESCU right now — it’s an online magazine filled with expert advice on fashion, glamour, money, health, sex & relationships … and more. If you love it as much as I do, jump on their free mailing list”

Bahar Etminan
NSW, Australia


“I think you’ll be pleased to know I had my best year in a decade in 2014. Thanks in no small part to you! I feel extremely blessed to have exceeded my goals. I was a little stressed the last month as I closed in excess of 5 million in deals. Calming down now though. Will chill out for the last couple of weeks of this year and decompress. Getting company for the holidays.

I must admit that having such a good year puts pressure on me for next year. Will be starting up with you again January. I need your guidance and calming energy. Thanks for everything and I look forward to speaking with you in January. Don’t worry, I won’t get all emotional like I did a year ago. Just very grateful for a blessed life. I am trying to take nothing for granted and to recognize the daily 10’s. Thanks again for everything. Leon”

Leon Abood
Premier Realty Group

“First, thanks for everything over the past 1.5 years. You’ve made a very positive difference in my life, both personal and business. I’m more aware of trying to be “home” when I’m home, so my family thanks you for that. I’m now on time or early for nearly all my appointments, which wasn’t the case when we first started. I’m in probably the best shape of my life. And my business has done a complete 180 degree turn from when we first started. I’m “caught up” (as one can ever be…) and listings and escrows are flowing nicely, and I’m finally managing my agents and staff as I should be.

But more importantly, I wanted to thank you for the discussion we had during our last 10 minutes of our very last coaching call. That was probably the most important and lasting impact you’ll have on me. I was all ready to embark on a business of coaching/training agents, and you’ve really made me re-think that. I’ve known all along that my true “mission” is in the financial counseling realm, but I was looking at agent coaching/training as a way to slowly get out of the day-to-day real estate business, which would free me up to pursue financial planning and create some passive income through book and dvd sales. But now I’m re-thinking that approach. It may be a big time, energy and money suck, without the requisite financial return I’m looking for. You mentioned that I could do it as a “mission,” but I don’t feel that strongly led in that area. (I fear that MOST agents just don’t care enough about their business to really put the time or energy into it to make it better. There are a few of us, to be sure, but maybe not the critical mass I need. Many agents just want the quick jackpot without doing much work.)

When you mentioned doing free financial seminars for churches, that absolutely resonated with me. THAT’S something I can get excited about, and at the same time gets me further towards my goal of being a financial planner, maybe even specifically a Christian Financial Planner by title. No investing in “sin” stocks, live within your means so you can tithe, etc. I think the agent coaching would have been a distraction and a detour. So now instead of having 3 different goals that compete for my time and attention, I am going to focus on selling real estate SO THAT I can fund my long-term goal of financial education for individuals, and over time, that may become my occupation if the money comes, but even if it doesn’t, I’ll be fulfilling what appears to be my calling anyways. I’ve been researching getting my CFP and CLU designations (the most well-known financial planning and insurance designations). They take 5-7 years to fully attain them. I would enjoy the study just for the knowledge and personal application alone, and then I’ll have them should I transition from real estate to full-time planning eventually.

So thank you again and we’ll stay in touch!”

Brian Sharp
Sharp Realty


“You struck a chord with the agents that went and heard you this morning, I’m so glad I encouraged them to go a few lights have gone on.”

“As you may know Dr Fred has changed John McGrath, Kieran, myself and many many of the most successful people in this business around the world and if you haven’t seen him I’d encourage you to invest in yourself and go see him for yourself.”

Matthew King
McGrath Estate Agents


“I hold Fred in a very very high regard, he is one of the Top 3 greatest influences in my real estate career of almost ten years. His teachings and philosophies are simple but only if you commit to it 110% and with the attitude of wanting to dream and think big – allow him to shift your mind set and take you on the journey – believe me it’s hard work but it’s there if you work at it. The first year I worked with Fred 5 years ago, I doubled my business from $500k to $1million which I didn’t think was possible. As the years have continued, we have increased and increased and last year we cracked $3million and set a new company record. His plan was simple and he convinced me it was possible. I have continued to build and build and now feel I have a pretty awesome business with absolute consistency. I will continue to keep pushing and pushing and as Fred says, you are in control of your destiny and the sky is the limit in this industry!

Life changer Fred – thank you!”

Peter Chauncy
McGrath Estate Agents


“Thanks for your help and guidance this year, and in the past.

We have had a good year, all has gone according to plan and we have laid out another year for 2014 with some wonderful adventures in store. Your insights on a magnificent life, ideal week, DPA, 10’s – 100’s, Honeymoon quality relationship, channels of consciousness, stretch goals, etc, etc , etc……..have been instrumental in us designing and living a unique and wonderful life.

This year I have worked 128 dollar productive days, and about 7 extra for other work related activities. My personal target for the year was to do $738,000 GCI. My actual as at today is $806,897.

We have had trips to Bali (once for a week and again for a month), Cambodia, the Monte Bello’s with our grandkids, numerous interstate trips, and we depart for the Antarctic on December 19th.

Next year’s plan includes again numerous interstate trips, a trip to the Western Desert and Tanami Desert regions to buy some art, a couple of walks on the Bibbulman Track, Bali for a week, Christmas islands with the grandkids for some fishing, diving, and education, Positano Italy for a month (our Italian is slowly progressing) plus I will fit in 129 DPA days of work.

We are looking forward to sharing another year with your wisdom and guidance. Have a great Christmas break and we’ll see you in the New Year.”

Brian McMahon
McMahon Real Estate, WA


“With all Business coaching, sometimes trainees tends to be a bit sceptical of what the trainer can deliver.  I have known and trained under Dr Fred for more than a decade.

His method and style of coaching is quite different from other real estate coaches and that is why I found him to be very valuable for my training and business.

He has helped me double, triple and quadruple my income for as long as I have known him.

He is now a personal friend to me and I cannot but highly recommend his services to your team. ”

David Howe
McGrath Northbridge / Neutral Bay / Mosman


“I just want to say that I should have acknowledged and given you both a public “Thank You”  in front of the group at the end of two great days.  So Thank You!

The Mastermind Group that was held was amazing.

I was surprised at the level of deep personal sharing of people’s triumphs , tragedies, foibles, business deals, family struggles mixed with very sharp business advice.

Truly a heart- warming experience.

I just want to say thanks again as I look forward to stretching myself in the way of goals!  And living a life filled with more 10 out of 10’s each day!   I am energised and can’t wait ….. ”

Jonzun Lee
RE/MAX Profile Real Estate


“Thanks Dr Fred we had an awesome teacher!”

Tim Rhode


“You were most definitely our inspiration Dr Fred. Your influence changed the direction of our lives for the best!  We will always honor you for that.”

David Osborn


“We would have never have done any of it without your foundational guidance and we will always honor you for that!!”

Pat Hiban
Pat Hiban Real Estate Group


Hocking Stuart recently had the pleasure of a full day work shop with Dr Fred Grosse at the Hocking Stuart Annual Franchise Conference attended by over 70 franchise owners.

Over the years, the Hocking Stuart Group has seen some of the best speakers available in the real estate and business world, however the full day workshop facilitated by Dr Fred had by far the greatest impact on the Group. Dr Fred showed remarkable energy and kept the audience fully engaged whilst providing a myriad of tools, possibilities and “food for thought” around improving the business owners personal and professional lives. Just some of the comments captured from the post conference survey include;

“a full day of interesting and informative material that was priceless”

“Opens the mind to all possibilities”

“Life changing.”

“A very inspiring man”

“I loved the way he spoke. I felt so engaged and was hanging on all his words”

The Hocking Stuart Group would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Fred to any business looking to inspire its leaders or staff and we look forward to working with Dr Fred again in the future.

Nigel O’Neil
Managing Director & CEO
Hocking Stuart


Dear Fred,

“Following each session with you, I notice a new certainty in the work patterns and attitudes of our people. And that’s the real difference between you and other trainers we have experienced. You remove blocks and change patterns which lead to ongoing success. Others often motivate short term yet rarely produce lasting change.”

John McGrath
Sydney Australia


“One major difference between Dr Grosse and many other consultants we have worked with in the past is that we expect a consultant to improve the performance of those who already possess a desire to grow and succeed. Fred Grosse has an extremely rare ability to actually create the “desire” and then support people through the process of succeeding.”

Stephen Collins
Harcourts Group Limited
New Zealand


“In our first year alone, we doubled turnover and tripled profit and the business continues to grow.”

Matthew Fogarty
Aperio Financial Services
Melbourne, Australia


“What I have achieved with your guidance over the past five years, many would fail to emulate in a lifetime. Single-handedly, you have been able to catapult me to a whole new level, not only in my business life, but also in my spiritual and personal life.”

Christine Mikhael
Sydney, Australia


“When I first went to Dr Fred, it was to learn how to ‘double my income in half the time’. He taught me that. I found along the way many other benefits. The concept of ‘everyday a 10’ and ‘living a magnificent life’ are just some of the valuable insights I’ve gained from him. Of all the training I’ve completed over the years, there is no doubt Fred has had more impact on my results and my life in general than any other teacher.”

Brian McMahon
McMahon Real Estate
Perth, Australia


“My life has certainly changed for the better since that first seminar back in 2000. My net income this year has gone up five fold since 2000 and my projection for the next year is seven times. I would like to thank you for being my life coach and getting me to be 10 out of 10 on a regular basis.”

Bob Werner
Broker Owner
Sheboygan, WI, USA


“I can truly say my work now funds my life. It isn’t my entire life anymore. Our net worth has quadrupled and we have a wonderful life.”

Debbie Yost
RE/MAX of Casa Grande
Arizona, USA


“Personally, he has helped me find BALANCE between my working life and personal life. My relationship with my wife, children, family, and friends has strengthened and I have found that working with my clientele has been much more enjoyable and rewarding. I particularly enjoy his application to investments and preparing a life plan funded with purpose.”

Martin Hood
Now with Belle Property


“Under Dr. Fred’s teaching in our first year we learnt the Dr. Fred concepts and in our subsequent years we set forth to mastering them. It was wonderful to watch not only our own growth personally and financially but also the growth of those in our group. We only wish that we had joined several years earlier.”

George Savva
L.J. Hooker Coogee
Sydney, Australia


“You have to be the world leader in Personal and Business Growth. Having spent 26 years in sales I thought I had heard it all, but you opened my mind. You taught me how to focus on the things that really matter, and not stress about the rest. Myself as an individual, my family and my business have all benefited tremendously from your teachings, which are put into use everyday; and we will always be grateful to you. As a result of the changes you instilled into me, my business has now been judged No.1 in the industry nationally three years in a row.”

Peter Sissons
Managing Director
Sissons Estate Agents
QLD, Australia

“Dr Fred and Victoria I would like to thank you for opening my mind to greater possibilities in life than I had previously considered.  Since my Tall Poppy group experience in Sydney my wife and I have managed to purchase a six storey office block in Hastings and so we have embarked on an adventure in commercial real estate.  Every day I think about the lessons you taught and I would like to thank you for every gem that has enabled me to see the world so differently.  Best wishes to you and all the people that you inspire.”

Roger Mulvay
Bream Bay Properties Ltd
Havelock North, New Zealand


HomeBanc Mortgage Conference

“This was the best time spent in any seminar in my seven years in real estate”

“This is what I truly needed to go up to the next level in my life. This was truly a blessing. Thank you.”

“Please bring Dr Grosse back every year.”

“I needed this so much. Thanks for helping me in more ways than you could ever imagine.”

“My soul has been charged.”

“I took 13 pages of notes.”

“Dr Grosse was incredible. He struck some very deep chords and opened my heart to evaluate several areas of my life.”

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